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into the moment 

Composer, pianist, flautist: Susan Lapp 2015 $20

12 pieces for solo piano moving melodies, harmonies and rhythms, inspired by the Canadian landscape and human spirit. Stay a while before the day catches up once more.

Dr. Sharon Sasaki shares: ” The one hour of “into the moment” leads us through a myriad of emotions – joy, serenity, happiness, sadness, loss, love. A contemplative, heartfelt musical journey.”

Sample Tracks

Chronicle 5:15 Let your mind wander to far away thoughts, a story, a person, the past

Innocence 5:40 Imagine… childhood…picnic baskets… swinging high…playing with friends…memories are a gift

Unearthed with bass flute 7:17 Melodies promote thought, healing, happiness. Let this one sink deeply and feel light.

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Electro-acoustic   Composer/flautist: Susan Lapp 2017 $20  DNA was inspired by a challenging 7 day trip down Lady Evelyn River, Temagami, ON. 2016 

DNA holds our unique genetic code. We are wind and water. We are connected to the earth. Feel your senses return to the beginning of time. Feel the beat of the earth. When you are ready, awaken with Friday Nights and move your DNA. 53 minutes total

Beginning Of Time 6:45  Begin to sink into nothing. Begin to breathe. Begin to feel as in the beginning.

Shades Of Dusk 20:06  Time to sit, relax, rest, write, ponder, time to be with you.

Timeless 12:43 Feel lighter. Feel higher. Float into nothing.

Pangaea 3:56 Move with the rhythm. Move into your rhythm.

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2 - Ghosts of Summer's Passing

Ghosts Of Summers Passing 

Composer: Robert Daigneault  Flautist: Susan Lapp   Pianist: Valerie Nichol 1999 $20

A concert of 26 short pieces written for Valerie and Susan for flute and piano; flute and piano improvisations with poetry; In Flanders Fields for solo flute and choir commissioned by The Guelph Chamber Choir Poet/narrotor: Walter Hickling

All music scores can be obtained from The Canadian Music Centre in Toronto, ON.

Sample Tracks

 Shadow Dance

From Purcell


Step Now Into the Garden 

In Flanders Fields; The Night Cometh 

CD cover Lapp Nov 2013

Listening Within

Electro-acoustic solo flute 2013 $20

Flute music composed and performed: Susan Lapp

Musique concrete: Robert Daigneault

Flute and music concrete reflects our fascination with reality and mystery.  The resulting meditative and sometimes haunting moods that each piece evokes, allows the listener to breathe deeply and release stresses of the day. Excellent music to calm your senses, background for writing, yoga, quiet activity, or just to relax with. Inspired by a series of mixed media artworks depicting movements of the body and their calming effects.

Sample Tracks

I Begin 5:20

Strength In The Wind 5:01

Listening Within 5:34


Imageries Of The Wilderness

Electro-acoustic solo flute 2012

Flute music composed and performed: Susan Lapp

Musique concrete: Robert Daigneault

Imagining sounds and imageries as a series of paintings were developing, inspired from a 6 day canoe trip on The French River, ON. Imagine the sights and sounds of nature, past explorers in their canoes seeing this country for the first time. Be in your wilderness place.

Musique concrete is the experimental technique of musical composition using recorded sounds as the raw material.

Sample Track

Wild Calls

Water Striders