The end of another season

img_1344  It will have to be enough. The last canoe trip is over. Now it is time to lay down paint and see what this summer has shown me.

I need the wilderness. I love all things wild and my artistries reflect this. In my paintings I first create an abstract base using colours I feel like that day. Over many sessions, concrete details to set a scene and reveal an emotion slowly appear. As a painting evolves, a story begins and builds as layers are applied and changes naturally occur. The painting and I work together. Most importantly, I must continually trust that my being is open to the mysterious process of finding the story as I go along. Each one of my paintings is unique. Each begin from nothing. I often do not know where a new image has come from, yet I flow with my old knives and new brushes. The large old trees in the 2016 River Series were a new subject I had no intention of painting. They were an insight to my thoughts: watching aging parents, the youngest generation marrying and starting families. My old trees are reaching out to the young. There will always be family when you need them.