My Canada: Glorious And Free

The wilderness of Canada has always inspired my artworks. IMG_2071IMG_2070_2Lately, my paintings have changed, for my mind is focused on our birthday and the many Canadian spots I have seen from coast to coast. From the mountains of Alberta’s Bow Lake (left image) to a very bleak yet still beautiful day on a boat at West brook Pond, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland (right image) the paintings just keep happening. My abstracts will have to wait to come back after my mind has left the celebrations for this year. I have created music, art and poetry for this great event in our history. Being an artist is learning to accept and be patient with the internal workings of mind and spirit. I accept these new paintings with enthusiasm and quiet gratitude.

I will have the new art as well as my newest music – DNA at all the shows this summer. To preview the music, go to  A particular favourite this week: Double Helix. You can write, read, paint, do your yoga or just sit and relax to these sounds. Come see me at Artfest, Port Credit May 26-28.


In The Beginning


I long for snow to fill

rivers with Spring

when speckled fish rise

to greet the sun


planning the return

to land that speaks

where words become prayer

in my sanctum called Earth


breath becomes instinct

like a newborn’s first cry