Keep The Feeling

Canada Day has come and gone. Energy spread all across this country leading up to July 1, 2017.  I spent the weekend of July 1 in Kingston, Ontario.  The park in which I stood all day, talking to people, was filled with red and white.  T-shirts in every size, hats in every shape with CANADA written on each and every one, made this land I live a very special place. In the evening, my husband and I walked down to the waterfront to see the fireworks celebration.  Confederation Park was bustling with music, ice cream stands, Starbucks mugs filled with drinks of choice, portable chairs for comfortable waiting and people.  Lots of people.  We got a great spot at the waterfront for optimum fireworks viewing and now had an hour to wait.  It didn’t take me long to discover that the lovely people sitting beside us were from Elmira, Ontario.  We chatted for the entire hour about many topics, including the sky rocketing housing market.  Where else would you feel so comfortable to get to know new people sitting beside you?  It was confirmed.  We are all Canadian and very proud of it.  Good laughs, hearty handshakes confirming “It was lovely to meet you tonight. Have a safe an easy drive home” made my heart warm.  Rocky mountain pictures are flooding my facebook posts by friends and flooding my heart with longing to go back. I want to go back to Gros Morne and Cape Breton Island too. But, I feel so very fortunate that I have travelled much of Canada and seen what this country holds. In the art show last weekend, I met a man who has lived here for 3 years now and I asked him what he thought of his new country. He thought, and with a smile he said “Unequaled”.  I am proud to be a Canadian and I will keep painting this land which I love to discover.   Let’s keep the feeling we had for those few days.IMG_1427