Keep The Feeling

Canada Day has come and gone. Energy spread all across this country leading up to July 1, 2017.  I spent the weekend of July 1 in Kingston, Ontario.  The park in which I stood all day, talking to people, was filled with red and white.  T-shirts in every size, hats in every shape with CANADA written […]

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Feeling Calm

Inspirations run deep. Sometimes a painting starts out as one thing and ends up something totally different.  If I let the process be free,  great things often happen. I strive for a story to form for every painting.  I want to re-define nature – wilderness – the feelings and thoughts while being in the backcountry.  On my canoe trips […]

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A Fresh Start

For me, January feels like a fresh start, a new beginning, like a child on his or her first week of September. Who will my teacher be? What new friends will I meet?  What will I learn? Will I be in the school play?  Back in Quebec, I remember the first mornings in elementary school. I was […]

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