Happy Girls

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  • His Observations


    2400 Framed

    From the series Conversations From The Wood...
    Acrylic on Mylar

    His Observation

    It seemed almost prayerful when he embraced
    the moment, simply
    staying still, savouring a found memory and cool
    clean air

    Under some strange spell he later named
    man felt a new season take its first breath

    It left him breathless

    let him breathe ...

  • His Observations

    Showing light bronze Frame

  • Her Observations

    16" - 36"


    From the series Conversations From The Wood...
    Acrylic on Mylar

    She took one step into the August meadow.
    wildflowers, anything but perfect
    perfectly wild and free.

    Goldenrod, like towering guards
    kept watch over all.
    Prickly thistles wore soft magenta hats.
    Fashion conscious Lily wore a black and orange fascinator.
    Anne dressed in antique lace fit for a queen.
    And Susan? No amount of lace would hide her black eye!

    In her haven displaying gems
    of every shade, woman played a song
    to late afternoon while seeds floated
    in a warm and tender breeze ...

  • Her Observations

    Showing light bronze frame

    His and Her Observation $3900

  • Lessons My Father Taught Me



    From the series Conversations From The Wood...
    Acrylic on Mylar and canvas framed

    One night, time seemed to stand

    just beyond twilight, fireflies golden glow
    sparked a time to sing
    a song for the ancestors
    grey wolf knows so well
    such haunting beauty in nights'
    first howl

    it stirred her body yet left it still

  • Alchemy Of The Sun



    From the series Conversations From The Wood...
    Acrylic on Mylar with original painting on canvas

  • Study In Happy Girls "Lucy"

    24"- 36"


    An evolution veering away from Conversations From The Wood (2017-2020)
    I wanted to put "A Little Happy" into the world.
    I returned to what I also love doing: using scissors, cutting, imagining and assembling. "Study in Happy Girls" are created from my acrylic on mylar abstract paintings. It is the puzzle that excites and intrigues me. I spend a great amount of time looking at pieces I have randomly cut because I like the shape or line of paint I see. As a Happy Girl is slowly formed, I imagine a story to help me complete the scene.

    Days to decades connect like dots
    follow numbers one to fifteen to reveal
    a girl in your activity book
    connect to that young figure of six decades ago
    She used to connect
    she chattered with chipmunk
    chirped with bird all the while collecting twigs,
    golden yellow twitch grass with
    plumes soft as silk
    She skipped in rain bursts
    barely dressed when it shone

    and if you could see her face as I do now
    you would see
    she still looks a lot like you ...

  • Study In Happy Girls "Sophia"

    18" - 29"


    Acrylic on Mylar

    All things green and brown, growth and decay,
    she wanted to know about all of it
    Bears sleep in their dens all winter and birds fly far away
    and with that thought, she found her courage to step on…

  • Study In happy Girls "Nathan and Daniel"

    22" - 30"


  • Study In Happy Girls "Ava"

    18" - 29"


    The Princess of Spring

    Some humans forget to notice the everyday things –
    did you notice the key – maple – it twirled
    right by you, landed on this spot to lay dormant
    until the sprouting and growing begins all over again
    and some miss the beauty of it all …

  • Study In Happy Girls "Kit and Kat"



    While creating a new work, a multitude of concepts arise. It is often difficult to choose how to continue. In the end, it is the story which erupts and brings forth the final image. I begin with abstract painting on Mylar. I search for shapes or lines then cut the mylar. I begin to imagine a girl, what she is thinking, doing, saying, then arrange, assemble and continue a long process to create and complete the painting. It must feel full of movement, spirit and happiness.

    She always wore the prettiest clothes, sat like a lady, I should have taken note...

  • Study In happy Girls "Scarlett"

    18" - 29"


    She was like a stone skipping
    over two sweet lives
    as if children never grew and trophies never won
    skipping one last time to hear her fathers’ words

    You are certainly one of the marvels on this earth …

  • Study In happy Girls "Barbara's Boot"



    This unintended cutout piece of Mylar looked like a boot. I imagined it had been forgotten in the back garden of her childhood home. Season after season, the bits became a delightful treasure of flourishing life. Some people call those weeds. They are birds and butterflies happy place.

    What lovely things thrive in a memory found in the back garden
    Billy boots were her favourite footwear
    and oh how she loved to lollygag through the meadow
    picking wildflowers for her bedroom ...

  • Study In happy Girls "Delilah"

    24 - 34"


    Acrylic on Mylar. One of 3 larger pieces created.

    Step over

    Step through 

    Step up up up
    Step down down down

    Step out 
to the brightest possibilities
brilliant imaginings

    Narnia is calling ...

  • Study In happy Girls "Amelia"

    18" - 29"


    She had always wondered how, with their tiny wings
    and even smaller beating hearts ever got anywhere,
    but to another country and back?
    And she sang as they all held on

    "These are a few of my favourite things" …

  • Study In happy Girls "Ellie"

    18" - 29"


    She wandered in her own wilderness
the wish fors, the wonder ifs

    and she thought she would like 
to have
    the journals of 100 women written on the same day

    hand scrolled words like stunning, secret, starving
temper, temperature, talked-too-much,

    so on whatever day she needed help
    there was one other who understood ...

  • Study In Happy Girls "Charlotte"

    18" - 29"


    Is there even a name for this old fashioned girl?
    Feeling tired but energized, sore but stabilized, grumpy at times,
    but otherwise content with her birds and ribbons she was just … plain … happy …

  • Katherine

    18" - 29"


    I think I know, yet
    knowing was my mothers gift
    She taught me when my womb
    was not yet ripe

    Why apples are best eaten crisp
    how soft ones are most excellent in pies and
    where she placed her finger tips for the prettiest crusts ...

  • Study In happy Girls "Wendy"

    17" - 29"


    She was commander and chief. A female Pan. Her lost boys at attention. Tinker Bell doing yoga and birds in the brush. It's all a balancing act.
    I had so much fun creating this piece. Childhood. My favourite movie to watch with my two sons was Hook. Peter Pan was played by Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman was Hook.


She would once a year
 watch her favourite movie
In those few hours memories floated up from her life storage locker
like that day standing on the rock ledge stained
    colours of mushrooms three hundred feet below

    Who was she last year when the movie played

    Who and where she needed to be
It seemed the movie connected her to timelines
    Her times the good
    the bad the ugly
    the precious
    the smile she wore made her smile even more …

  • Arrival

    20" -32"


    Acrylic on Mylar and paper

    And today of all days she wondered: whom did she get her shoulders from, her love of all things elegant yet free and always putting flowers in that fine, dark hair...