Conversations from the Wood

“I look at your paintings and it’s so, so hard to say which is my favorite because there is something in each one that forces out a variety of emotions. I love the masculinity and femininity of our painting.”


• Printed on high-quality paper with archival inks

This poetic collection focuses on the human form immersed in nature.  In August 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th, my husband and I paddled 170 kilometres down the remote Missinaibi River in northern Ontario.  It was the longest and hardest trip planned to date.  It turned out not to be a trip, but a journey.


After returning home my paintings took a drastic shift.  For over a week I dreamt in vivid colour; woman was the tree, birds of all kinds flew.  I had felt a part of the Missinaibi land, not just a paddler on it. My life is embedded in my art.  I woke before dawn one day, opened new paints, spread out smooth new Mylar I had never used before and began to paint.  As morning light began to shine the human form appeared in my free strokes.


For days I painted before dawn accepting what appeared from some sixth sense. I saw a unique story being told in each painting and was compelled to write prose and poetry.


Art can be a powerful connector.  It can evoke memories, emotions and yes, playful humour.


I use both Golden fluid and high flow acrylic to create these expressive, imaginative works.  I begin with quick gestural lines to create the human form. Next, I almost draw through the wet paint to create nature wrapping and concealing each form. I want to paint things I have never seen before. I want to shape, wrap and form balance, infuse motion with emotion until all become a painted story.

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