Music – Susan Lapp


into the moment 


Composer, pianist, flautist: Susan Lapp 2015 $20

I wanted to compose an hour of music to create serenity, happiness, healing and peace. Twelve songs will brighten and soothe your soul.

Moving melodies, harmonies and rhythms, tell stories of peace, hope, happiness and love. Let “Innocence” take you back to a childhood memory. “Under A Luminous Moon” begins with the haunting sound of the bass flute. Joy comes alive in “Northern Lights”. Be soothed with “Lullaby For Thomas”.

Dr. Sharon Sasaki shares: ” The one hour of “into the moment” leads us through a myriad of emotions – joy, serenity, happiness, sadness, loss, love. A contemplative, heartfelt musical journey.”

Sample Tracks


Chronicle 5:15 Do you wander off to far away thoughts, a story, a person, the past? Let this conjure up wonderful memories. 

Innocence 5:40 Imagine… childhood…picnic baskets… swinging high…playing under summer sun…

Unearthed with bass flute 7:17 Melodies promote thought, healing, happiness. Let this one sink deeply.

To listen to the full cd and more of Susan’s original music follow the link below.

Earning a BFA specializing in music performance, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Susan has had a diverse musical career;  soloist, orchestral player, church music director, choral conductor, studio musician for various singer-songwriters, composer and private teacher of flute, piano and theory for 40 years.

Susan’s sacred choral music is published with Cypress Music.

“I am sipping my tea going through your art, but OMG your music!!! I am so inspired by reading everything, seeing your beautiful paintings that truly do reflect your creative talent in music… you are beyond talented.”  Jim

 “I just listen to the first 5 notes and I can’t help but take a deep breath. Ahhh. Thank you for your music Susan. !”   Sara


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