Earth Everlasting Landscapes

“It’s really spectacular! I think we are the lucky ones to have met such a gifted artist and to have an original Susan Lapp in our home.”


• High-res photo reproduction
• Printed on archival canvas
• Printed with archival inks
• Includes thick margins for framing options

I use palette knives to create my large landscapes on canvas. I quickly cover the surface with a base layer using 3 colours and white.  Returning to the canvas over many sessions, I use the technique of “sgraffito,” scratching through wet paint to reveal colours beneath.


Rich with many layers of colour, large sweeping strokes create movement and slowly scene emerges. It is a process of trust, to collaborate with the story being painted.  These works reflect the essence of the Earth.  Forest paths, rivers and ponds all evoke feelings of peace, wonder and grounding.


In 2016 trees became an integral focus.  They represent the aging process.  The majority of trees painted I feel depict the cedar.  It symbolizes strength.  It has also been regarded as the “tree of life”. The Beech tree also enters my consciousness when I paint.  The Beech tree is a symbol for the written word and for wisdom within ancient learning.


My paintings are greatest documentation of my thoughts and feelings.  As my art will continue to evolve, I look forward to the days when I can witness my art practice reciting forgotten memories that are embedded in the strokes of each painting.  I hope a story you hold dear is told in one of my paintings.


You are purchasing a finished artwork that is created with the highest quality materials from start to finish. I use Golden Acrylic paint. The GOLDEN brand of acrylics is known for quality and archival integrity.

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