HAPPY GIRLS – Susan Lapp

Happy Girls

“Susan, sometimes I regret impulse purchases.  Not this time! I truly love this work! I unwrapped it in my sister’s presence. She gasped as a Happy Girl appeared from the wrapper “Oh I l-o-v-e it”.  Gary
“SHE’S HERE!  SHE’S HERE!  And even more beautiful in person.” Alexine
“My print is much more beautiful than I ever expected. It looks like an original and to see that you add original pieces to make it an original is amazing! Thank you so much.         I just love her!”   Lisa


                              In 2018 a thought would not go away during my time in – and out of the studio. I need to put some happy into the world.


THE HAPPY GIRLS send out joy, inspiration, humour, curiosity. Mostly they send out love. I hope they put a smile on your face and one becomes a special  piece of your home.

These paintings are an imaginative, time-consuming process.  I first paint on Mylar – an abstract of nature, my colours and strokes that are always embedded in my art.  I then cut my painting, seeing random shapes, colours or lines I like. Pieces of all sizes from many paintings are the building blocks that become clothing, hats, birds, boots etc. and a girl develops.  As I see structure, movement and flair, I imagine a story. This helps me complete the artwork.

The painting is not complete until I have thought of a name that suits her or his individual personality and write a short poem or story.

                                                                                                       I love the process of creating these artworks.



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