Freya – Susan Lapp
Original Painting



Day after day, layer upon layer, enchanted

by all things life – and death, terra firma

aqua pura, they stepped lightly on lichen

green-greys, lemon-lime where he taught her

mushrooms grew noiselessly, barefoot

they squished in water-logged patches – she squealed

adoring the coolness between ten little toes and like wildflowers

they watched her grow, grow, grow

into the woman they knew she could be


Acrylic on Mylar



Artist Comment

This is my largest Happy Girl to date. Spending months in the process, she was a joy to create. Freya is the name of the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. She possesses and strong and modern vibe, is full of life, abundant with fine details and filled with stories to tell.

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